Feely Kicking School students range from NFL place-kickers, to college and high school athletes. See why current Feely Kicking School students are "Kicking with Confidence" and what Coach Tom Feely and the Feely Kicking School program means to them.

Mother and Dad of Dylan and Jace H. ... Dylan H. Kicker for Land O Lakes H.S.

Mother and Dad of Dylan and Jace H. ... says, “A mom texted this to me on May 16, 2015:

"Quote from Dylan's coach Friday after making 5 of 5 field goals in practice with his new snapper and holder and two 46 yarders...the guy you are paying for training is worth every penny!" stated Coach Wachtel from Land O Lakes H.S.

Mom: A parent complimented Dylan to another coach last season and he said, Dylan is trained by Feely, he's one of the best!”

Greg Fedor

Greg says, “"Tom
...When I pull up great kicking coaches your name always comes up. I read the reviews about you. All top notch. That's why I want my son to be coached by you....
Greg Fedor

Gabrielle & Chris Davis Parents of Kyle

Gabrielle & Chris says, “(I gave a single private lesson last Saturday with this young man in Colorado, then got this email today from his Mom):

Our son, Kyle, registered for Tom’s camp and five days later was on a plane to Louisiana to be the kicker for Southern University. This all started with Tom working on his skills, recognizing his talent and making the connection at SU for him. We believe that everything happens for a reason and this was the craziest week ever….all thanks to Tom. Kyle has never played football and we are excited to see him play and to watch him excel. We are all very grateful for your support and assistance!

Gabrielle & Chris Davis”

Larry Lawson II Father of a Florida State Kicker/Punter

Larry says, “Coach Tom Feely, John Feely & the Feely Athletics Staff,

As a father I didn't want my son to have any questions in the future if he, or even I, did everything we could. I wanted to be sure we utilized everything that was available allowing him the tools to compete at the highest ability level as a college athlete. Tripp, my son, and I decided it was time for professionals to engage with his training during the off-season while he was home for the summer from Florida State.

We could not have been happier with the training results and personal growth Tripp received from the Feely Athletics staff. Coach Tom Feely and John Feely teamed up with Tony Umholtz to deliver to my son a comprehensive instructional package as well as mentoring.

His improvement from just one month is remarkable! I strongly recommend their services for all level of athletes!

Larry Lawson II
(Father of Tripp Lawson, Florida State University
Kicker and Punter)”

Patch Leonard Kicker and Punter for University of Maine

Patch says, “Hi Coach Feely!
I thought the Kicking at the Lake Camp was great! I learned a lot and I'll be working on everything I learned in these next few weeks.

Thank You!

Patch Leonard
University of Maine”

Chris Gough From Villinova's Chris Gough

Chris says, “Hey Coach Feely,

I had my lesson with Michael Barnard today...phenomenal. He was really helpful and I already feel more confident in my FG kicking and kickoffs. I was striking the ball much better by the end of our lesson. Thanks for connecting me with him. If I need any more lessons in the near future I will for sure be in touch. Thanks!

-Chris Gough
Villanova University
University in Villanova, Pennsylvania”

Jay Feely Veteran NFL Kicker

Jay says, “Kicking...is a matter of eliminating inconsistencies, simplifying your technique, and perfecting the desired action. My Dad (Tom Feely) and I worked together on our unique style of kicking and produced results good enough to win me a job starting for the Atlanta
Falcons, New York Giants, Miami Dolphins, New York Jets and now the Arizona Cardinals. Together we developed our unique style of kicking and he taught me the benefits of sports psychology as it applies to kicking and punting. Together we are a winning combination.

Jay Feely
NFL Kicker of 14 Years”

Withheld Withheld Mom

Withheld says, “Good morning Tom,

I just wanted to thank you for your positive influence on (my son). I've recently
had the best/most productive communication with him and I give much of the credit to how you handled (him) at the Top Tier camp. I also believe your staff and Dr. Ron Ellis made a huge positive difference. We have adopted many of the quotes you shared into our family!
.... Thanks for being a force for good in the world! Heartwarming:)”

Brian Lee Patterson Long Snapper

Brian Lee says, “Coach Feely, I can't express enough gratitude to you for everything you have done for me and your kind words and promotion of me. I would never have gotten the experience I had or be the player I am without you. Thank you!!!

Brian Lee Patterson from Jesuit High School and now at Florida State University”

Coach Robert Weiner Plant High School Football

Coach Robert says, “Tom:

It really was an outstanding honor to have you with us yesterday, both as
a cherished friend/family and as an expert teacher/coach of kicking/punting.

Coach Bob Weiner, Head Coach for Plant High School, Tampa, Florida”

Cameron Stevens University of Findlay

Cameron says, “Coach Feely,

My college football career is now over. I want to personally thank you for
helping me get to where I am at. You have helped so many guys throughout your career and you are great at what you do. I couldn't have asked for a better kicking
coach during my years kicking. I want to play at the next level, whether it's the NFL,AFL, UFL or CFL,but I am going to give it my all. I wanted to email you and thank you for everything you have done for my parents and I. I want to get together soon when i come home for a little bit. I hope that can be possible.

Cameron Stevens”

Taylor Jordan University of Houston, Snapper

Taylor says, “Coach Feely,

I would like to thank you for all that you have done for me. You have helped me get to where I am today. Your professional relationships and knowledge aided me by allowing me to view and correct the most intricate details of my long and short snapping. Also, without your recruiting software and the ability to send my film to all coaches at the D1, 2 and 3 levels I would not have received as many recruiting calls. Nor would I have been looked at by the University of Houston, and started for them this past 2010 season. I am looking forward to working with you again and helping me get to the next level.

Taylor Jordan
University of Houston
Long Snapper”

David A. Catron Father

David says, “Coach Feely

Great News! Alex signed on national signing day with the University of Charleston – Div. 2

in Charleston, West Virginia. He we be going to school on an Academic Scholarship and an Athletic scholarship = Full ride!”

Abraham Mercado Kicker Morgan State University

Abraham says, “Before seeing Coach Feely for a first time in 4 years, I was a kicker who thought I knew everything there was about kicking. After accepting a full-scholarship coming out of High School to Morgan State University, I refused to get additional coaching because I believed I had reached my full potential and I thought I could criticize myself. After a while I found myself struggling to consistently get good height and drive on my field goals and I turned to Coach Feely. During a one hour session with Coach in January of 2011, I grew 5 years as a kicker.
Because of Coach Feely's genious software and incredible knowledge in everything about kicking, Coach has helped me improve both my distance and height on my field goals along with driving my confidence in my kicking through the roof. The things that I learned in one hour with Coach Feely will forever stay with me and only 1 month later after the session, I am already seeing the incredible results. Consistency is the key and Coach Feely's teaching is among the best if not the best kicking coaches in the nation. I drove a total of 8 hours in 1 day to see Coach Feely Brandon Florida and after that session I realized I would have driven 25 to be able to listen and learn from Coach Feely because it was a kicker's life changing experience.”

Andres Vasquez Student

Andres says, “Dear Coach Feely,

I just want to thank you for being a great coach and helping me through this journey. You taught me a lot about determination and how the little things matter most to become the best. You and my parents were major aspects in my success and I will continue to work hard to excel to my full potential.

Andres Vasquez”

Garrett Rivas University of Michigan place-kicker and punter

Garrett says, “I came to Jesuit High School not knowing a thing about kicking. With help and detailed coaching from Coach Feely I developed into the kicker I am today.

Garrett Rivas
University of Michigan
Tampa Bay Bucs
Arena Football”

Jesse Harms Cadet USCGA

Jesse says, “I just wanted to drop you an email and thank you again for the advice that you have given me. I like the control that my new drop gives me over the football and I think I will have a lot more consistency in my game once I master it. Seeing myself on video, breaking down the different parts of the punt, and the necessary body positions to maximize power have all been very useful in my training this summer. Getting help with the little things is what I am always after. In the past I had the raw leg swing and could crush the long balls…but I have never had the consistency I desired. I am confident that will all change this season. I also like knowing what the Pros are after in a punter and I will shoot for all of the goals you gave me for this season, especially the 4.3 second or more hang time and the get off time. Ever since my senior year in high school I thought it might me possible to play at the highest level. The past few years I have worked extremely hard to help my team and I am ready to do that again this season. However, my college time is running out. In less than two short years I’ll be an officer in the Coast Guard and have a chance to serve my country on a daily basis. I look forward to that day, but I would be living a dream should I be able to punt as a professional. I’m going to put my best foot forward this season (my right foot) and really give ‘em hell. Thanks again for your work in my game, and the encouraging words you have left me with from our last workout. Have a great day and don’t forget to call me if you are ever in Connecticut so we can do some work together.”

Chris Bennice Saratoga, NY

Chris says, “Coach Feely's kicking camp was extremely beneficial to me. I was a division 1 soccer player in

college, with no football experience. I went down to his camp thinking that I had a good idea of how to kick a football properly, when in reality, it was much

different than I had thought. After four sessions with Coach Feely, I learn more about the art of kicking than I ever could have imagined. With the knowledge he

provided me and his coaching methods, I went from a below average kicker to one that is going to continue to work with him to try and make it at the professional


Dennis Dougherty father of Kyle

Dennis says, “Thanks for the kind words about Kyle. And thanks for offering to provide recommendations to any

college scouts that might be interested in Kyle. I believe a recommendation from an expert such as yourself carries a lot of weight in the "kicking community", and it

means a lot to us.

You've had a lot to do with the progress Kyle has made since we first came to one of your camps in December 2004. He has responded very well to

your style of coaching proper kicking mechanics. Your coaching format using video and computer software to analyze his kicks on the practice field provides your

players with immediate feedback as to what they are doing incorrectly, so that they can make the adjustments right then and there. Then they can take what they have

learned and go home and continue to work with the kicking techniques you teach. It's worked very well for Kyle, because he already had a pretty rigorous practice

schedule on his own this past off season, and I think that schedule allowed him to make significant progress using your adjustments to his kick.

The most

significant improvement I noticed were on his kickoffs at the Scout.com combine. Kicking off from the 35 yard line, back in January at the One on One Kicking

Competition Expo, Kyle didn't reach the end zone once. At the Scout.com combine in May, he consistently put kickoffs from the goal line to 4 yards deep into the end

zone. At his spring game last week, of the 5 kickoffs he took, 3 of them were over 5 yards deep into the end zone.

Kyle was able to take what you taught him, apply

it to his own technique, and produce the results we saw at the Scout.com combine. That's what makes Kyle and the rest of your players better kickers.


looking forward to the upcoming fall football season, hoping that he can take what you have taught him, and use it to produce on the field.”

Justin Tate Student

Justin says, “Hey there, I wanted to say thanks again for letting me come down and learn from you. I am really starting

to see drastic improvements. I almost have the hammer mastered, but I am still having a little trouble with getting my body weight forward. My first game of the season

is July 9th so until then I will be practicing my butt off. I will probably try to make the trip down again sometime during the middle of the summer to work with you

some more, and I hope that if your ever coming up this way you let me know. I've got some great contacts at some of the best golf courses up here! Thanks again and

take care.”

Kyle Dougherty Southern Illinois Kicker

Kyle says, “You have a great system and style of teaching how to limit inconsistencies in the

technique of kickers. Showing us on the field right after the kick really helps because we are getting immediate feedback and have an opportunity to correct it right


I also enjoyed Velocity Sports Performance. They have a great philosophy on warm-ups for stretching, and I was very pleased with how sore I was after each day

of training with them. I believe that teaming up with Velocity Sports is a great way to not only strengthen a kicker's entire body.”

Steve Purviance Sr Father

Steve says, “Just wanted to let you know that Steve signed a scholarship with North Dakota State University, with

the intent of being their starting punter this year, with an eye on the kicking job as well. There's an article in the Pasco section of today's St. Pete Times. NDSU

is a DI-AA school, so the opportunity is excellent. I want to thank you and your staff for everything you've done for him, and can say with absolute certainty that

this opportunity would not have been possible without you. Please feel free to use Steve in any of your promotional materials, and I'll keep you apprised of his

progress. Best of luck and prosperity!”

Matt Dodge Student

Matt says, “I just wanted to say how appreciative I am in receiving the opportunity to attend your camp and you

contacting the Michigan coach for me. Thanks a lot and good luck with everything.”

Ryan Hillier Ottawa, Canada

Ryan says, “I'd just like to first and foremost thank you for the wonderful experience I had with your camp. I

felt much more prepared for the All-Star Classic than when I first arrived. I'm telling you, I learned so much in those 2 days that now I'm kicking the ball further,

straighter, just that much better all-around.

I have accepted a full tuition scholarship (that is the maximum Canadian sports programs are allowed to offer

students) at the Université de Montréal. I will be attending Law School there and playing for their team. I think is the best situation for me at the time being. My

ultimate goal is to play CFL ball, and I am inspired by my trip to Tampa to become that much better. I have read your training booklet rigorously! I very much

appreciate all your input as your camp has truly been inspirational.”

Alex Yanovych Key West, FL

Alex says, “Hi Coach Feely, this is the "Ukrainian" Alex Yanovych from the Allstars showcase. I just waned to

thank you for a great camp. The organization was very good and overall it was really good camp and I enjoyed it a lot.”

Don Lemieux

Don says, “Thanks again for taking the time to work with my son Donny. He had a great time and learned a lot but now he has

to put to work what he has learned. He is really determined to be a college Division 1 kicker like I am sure every kicker is but like I told him let’s see in the years

to come if you are willing to make the commitment which I think he will. How can I purchase the software you used at his instruction? Do you feel this is a valuable

tool for Donny? I would like to come down with Donny for another private lesson in August so if you are free he would love to come down again. Donny would like to stay

in contact with you throughout his high school years and hopefully beyond.”

Mike McCabe OneOnOneKicking.com

Mike says, “I highly recommend Feely Kicking as the best in it's field any where in the country. If you train with Feely Kicking they will take you to make it to the next level. Their camp is unique and advanced.

Mike McCabe
One on One Kicking”

Frank DeRochemont Father of Darren

Frank says, “I want to Thank you and Tony for a great job you have done with Darren this past year. His

punting has improved 100% since last February and his attitude towards kicking and punting since being with your Program has improved tremendously.

To be on a

"State Champion" undefeated (15-0) team, as a 14-year-old freshman is "unbelievable". To lead the County in punting and be voted by the coaches on the 1st team, All-

Western Conference - National Division is a great honor and could not have been done without your great influence on him. Thanks again, and we are looking forward to

our weekly training sessions.”

Dave Eltringham

Dave says, “Coach, First and foremost your mentorship and coaching meant so much to Matt. We feel so blessed to have

gotten you and Matt together in Tampa years ago... that was a god thing. Thanks so much from all of us”

John Futchko Sr.

John says, “I want to thank you and your staff for helping my son...when we came to you about six months ago the only

kicking he (John Jr.) had done was straight on....But today he hit a 45 yard field goal and is consistently putting kickoffs inside the 5...he can even put one in the

end zone!”

Kyle Bronson

Kyle says, “Coach Feely, I enjoyed the camp very much and truly learned a lot...My kicking is stronger due to the placement

of my plant foot...Your input and advice is well respected.”

Bill Wexler (Loveland, OH)

Bill says, “Just a quick (and belated) note to thank you for the time you spent with the Wexler boys a few

weekends back. We had a GREAT time and learned a lot. Unfortunately, since we've been back in Cincinnati, it's been nothing but cold and snow so we haven't been

able to get outside and do any kicking. The guys have been working on stretching and strength training, however. Please be sure to pass along our thanks once again to

the other young men who participated with us. What a wonderful group of guys you have to work with. Their level of maturity along with their knowledge base was

incredible for me to see and I believe a source of some inspiration for my boys. You (and their parents) must be very proud. Again, thank you for taking the time to

meet with us and work with us. Opening your home to us was truly going "above and beyond" and I want you to know that that aspect of the weekend didn't go unnoticed

by the Wexler clan! Please keep our e-mail address and or mailing address for any future activities that you may sponsor. I don't know if I can afford it or not, but

would certainly entertain the idea of having the boys join you again some time (perhaps we'll take a "bump" off another Delta flight so we can come see you again).

Best of luck to you and your other students.”

Larry Jones Parent

Larry says, “Every father wants his son to be the best that he can be and achieve his goals in whatever field of endeavor

he undertakes. Coach Feely is helping my son achieve his goal of being the best all around kicker and punter he can be at the high school level, and maybe beyond.

Coach Feely is continuing to perform a critical role in helping him become the best all-around kicker he can be.”

Ty DeMeza

Ty says, “A kicking program of excellence! This is what I think of the Feely Kicking School. I am Ty DeMeza, a kicker and

punter at Jesuit High School. I started to kick at Feely Kicking School in February of 2001 and was kicking like I never thought possible in a matter of 4 months.

Coach Feely has designed techniques not only for new kickers but experience kickers that will increase your performance greatly. I recommend Feely Kicking School to

anyone aspiring to be a future kicker or punter.”

John Jones

John says, “Kickers start at the bottom and work their way up. Likewise there is always someone who brings the kickers up from

the bottom. Coach Feely has been that someone for me. He has taken me from a beginner 18 months ago and helped me get ready to compete for the starting job at my high

school's varsity football team. Apart from the kicking aspect, Coach Feely also tries to help me develop my intellectual and mental frame of mind, making sure that I

know that life isn't centered on kicking. Coach Feely tries to make his students all around good individuals.”

Grace parent of Andrea and her son

Grace says, “Hi, my name is Grace and my son Andrea just finished a 3 session classes with coach Mike

Barnard (Feely Kicking School Instructor).

I just felt like I needed to let you know that this has been a life changing experience for my son. He's only 8 years

old but coach Mike was awesome wih him,very caring and an extremely talented coach.

Andrea enjoyed those classes like you cannot imagine!

In case we need more

lessons, we would love to have Mike him as his coach again.

He's not only a great athlete but also an amazing human being.

Thanks and will definetely hear from

us again.”

William Bergen Student

William says, “Your specialized coaching techniques for punting was great! Being coached in a group with highly

individualized attention made learning the key punting skills and techniques much easier to understand and practice. I came away from your sessions feeling more

confident knowing that with practice I would greatly improve. Thanks again for all your help!”

Tom Carbone Father

Tom says, “Tom, thanks again for sending the videos (analysis). Richie has been watching them and working on the things

you pointed out to correct and I think starting to get better form. It is very helpful to see and hear from a coach like you what things he needs to work on and

improve and techniques that need to be refined.

We were very pleased with the analysis and will be sending you more tapes in the future to get future evaluations.

Richie is working hard now to get ready for the fall and hopefully when we send some new tapes you will see the improvements. Hope the summer is going well. Speak to

you soon.”