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Tom Feely



  • Kickers
  • Punters
  • Snappers
  • Running Back
  • Kick Returner


  • Tom began his specialty as a kicking coach in 1992 when his oldest son, Jay Feely, was 14 and became interested in becoming a kicker in high school. Jay is currently in his 15th year as an NFL kicker, currently with the Chicago Bears. Tom and his sons, Jay, John, Ryan, Tyler and Nick are all very instrumental in our mission to spread to the athletes we are privileged to encounter, not only the skills, but more importantly, the attitudes and values that help make young people become successful at whatever they dream to accomplish. Tom's rich background as a teacher, passionately shares with his proteges. Education/Professional Accomplishments: Family: Tom was born and raised as one of four boys of a true coaching legend, his father (left), Tom Feely Sr. who was inducted into the college basketball Hall of Fame in 1977 as both a player and coach. Tom Feely Sr . legacy continued as his boys were all sports legends in Minnesota both as players and coaches. Their collective accomplishments are too numerous to list here. Tom (Jr.) also raised six sons, many of whom have successful careers, most notably... Jay Feely (15 years playing in the NFL, and Ryan Feely (3 times College All American).


  • Under Graduate: University of St. Thomas; , Masters Degree from University of Minnesota/Mankato;


  • Tom Feely became the only Kicking and Punting Professional Coach in the World who is Nationally Board Certified as a Teacher and Counselor. He became Nationally Board Certified in 2006. Tom began his career teaching and coaching in Minnesota in 1974. After his first two seasons as a varsity high school football coach he already had back to back state championships on his coaching resume. He has been coaching continuously serving as head coach, offensive coordinator, defensive coordinator, and special team’s coordinator. He currently is Special Teams Coordinator for Jesuit High School in Tampa, Florida. Tom studied Sports Psychology under the famous Dr. Robert Singer and Dr. David Pargman while pursuing his Doctorate in the field of Sports Psychology. Tom focused his research on the power of mental imagery and factors producing 'mental toughness’.

Relevant Courses Taught:

  • Tom has conducted many coaching clinics and seminars including "Buzz Sessions" for the American Football Coaches Association. In addition Tom has conducted numorous lectures on the Recruiting Process and writes a blog about the same subject called Kickin It with Feely

Presentations on Coaching Topics:

  • Tom has also conducted numorous presentations on his Sports Psychology specialty on how an athlete can become "Mentally Tough".  

Published Articles on Coaching:

  • "Are You Sabotaging Your Kicking Game" by Tom Feely Published in the AFCA Technical Manual 2011 "The Comprehensive Training Atlas for Kickers and Punters" by Thomas Feely

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