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Feely Athletics has a phenomenal assemblage of exceptional coaches with unprecedented expertise and teaching aptitude. These talented educators of their athletic art have a wealth of experience including many years of NFL and collegiate experience. Being great teachers and exemplary role models are the highest priority of  qualities I demand from our staff. The constitution of our staff is Feely Athletic's strongest asset and we are proud of our amazing coaches.

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Tony Umholtz

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Kicking & Punting Coach in Odessa, Pasco & Pinellas Florida

John Feely

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Supervisor of Coaches and Kicking Instructor

Jay Feely

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NFL Pro Consultant and Trainer Nationally; College Coach Laison

Ryan Feely

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Director of Operations: East Florida Division

Jamie Clark

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Regional Supervisor of Coaches

C J Stockel

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S.E. Region Supervisor of Coaches and Advocare Team Leader

Taylor Jordan

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Supervisor of Long Snapping Coaches

Kevin Knox

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Coach of Receivers and Supervisor of Football Operations

Chris Barrick

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Nick Nahas

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Director of Marketing and Communications

Mark Lewis

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Kicking/Punting Instructor